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New Economy Home Plans

New Economy Home Plans

The New Economy Home is the first house of its kind, designed specifically to meet the needs of our shifting times. It is a 1676 sq. ft. 4 bedroom/3.5 bathroom house that addresses the impact that the current economy is having on how we build for today and in the future.

Adaptable in Good Times and Bad
The New Economy Home is designed with the flexibility to adapt to the owners needs in either good times or bad. An adaptable suite is located on the first floor with a private entrance and porch. The suite can function as part of the whole house or break off into a private suite or income producing apartment. In good times this suite can be used a a family room or guest bedroom. In tighter economic times, this suite can be rented to help offset the mortgage, used by an adult child returning home, an elderly parent, or even one member of a divorcing couple that can’t support two households.

Economic to Build & Efficient to Maintain
The New Economy Home is designed to be efficient to both build and to maintain over time. The small and simple footprint is based on standard dimensional lumber to minimize cutting on site. Plumbing fixtures are grouped in centralized locations to simplify plumbing installation and reduce consumption. The building envelope and construction details merge the latest technologies in green building with common sense details that maximize the value of sun and water, while minimizing the load they place on the mechanical systems. Every set of plans comes with a full materials list and product specifications.

The New Economy Home responds to the realities of our time with a design that is economical to build, efficient to maintain and adaptable over time. But just as importantly, it is comfortable to live in and attractive to look at. Living within our means does not have to mean trading down, it can and hopefully will, mean trading up and making our lives better.

Drawings come with an 80 page Best Practices Guide outlining tips and techniques for building a sustainable home.

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